Terms and conditions

In accordance with the Lawyers’ Statute, our Company offers assistance, consultancy and legal representation for our clients, depending on the given terms.
The agreement with the client can be signed in the typical form or with negotiated clauses, depending on the conditions and the requests of the client, in accordance with the law.
The associated lawyers are directly involved in each contract, coordinating the entire team of lawyers.
The senior lawyers of the firm work on specific projects, based on their specialization and they will accomplish the tasks of the agreement, directly, with each client.

MUSETESCU & Associates Law Firm practices, in its activity, hourly fees, fixed fees and success fees.
We can also agree upon a monthly flat fee, established at the signing date of the agreement, depending from case to case.

The invoices for the provided legal services can be issued monthly, at the signing of the agreement, in time intervals agreed with the client, and for the success fees – at the favourable accomplishment of the agreement.