MUSETESCU & Associates Law Firm works pursuant to the specialization principle in order to solve in a competent and efficient manner each and all legal issues the clients confront with.
Our expertise fields include, inter alia:

Commercial and Corporate Law

Setting up and registering companies and corporate documents;
Organisation and functioning: internal order regulations, organisation and operation regulation, other type of internal regulations; corporate management;
Commercial contracts: consultancy, negotiations, drafting various types of agreements, amendments, completions, termination;
Commercial litigation – legal assistance and representation both in the negotiation phase (mediation, direct conciliation), as well as in front of law courts;
Debts recovery – through the method of direct conciliation or in court;
Commercial arbitration;
Financial and banking field – consultancy, assistance and representation in relation to the contracts executed between banking institutions and natural or legal persons;
Crimes and felonies set forth in the commercial legislation;
Legal audit – analysis of the company’s contracts in terms of compliance with the relevant legislation and of the legal implications regarding the client’s rights and obligations, of litigations found in conciliation phase or pending the law courts, as well as company’s functioning, from the perspective of relevant legislation;

International Commercial Law

International Conventions applicable in Romania;
International Commercial Contracts (consultancy, negotiations, drafting, completing, amending, termination agreement);
Activity of foreign companies in Romania;
Activity of Romanian companies abroad;
Legal assistance in relation to foreign investments in Romania and Romanian investments abroad;

Associations and Foundations

Elaborating and drafting constitutive acts and statutes;
Legal assistance and representation toward law courts in relation to the registration of associations and foundations with the competent authorities;
Registering amendments to the constitutive acts and statutes;
Long-term legal assistance in relation to the activity of associations and foundations;

International Private Law

Recognition of foreign decisions in Romania;
Consultancy in relation to the foreign citizens status in Romania;

Civil Law

Real estate: revendication claims (common law, Law No. 10/2001, Law No. 247/2005), adverse possession claims, borderline disputes, evacuation disputes, possession claims, property right and real rights, mortgages and other type of encumbrances, real estate acquisitions;
Successions: wills, successions litigations, succession divisions, opening succession procedure, wills conclusion;
Civil Contracts: sale-purchase contracts, exchange contracts, donations, lease contracts, transactions, mandate contracts, power of attorneys, contractual litigations, mortgages, contractual claims;

Family Law

Legal assistance and representation regarding the family-related issues: divorce, child custody, marriage conclusion, visitation and time sharing, alimony, property division, establishing/disestablishing paternity, curatorship, interdiction;

Intellectual Property Law

Copyright and related issues
Trade marks
Industrial designs

Fiscal Law

Taxation legal advise

Administrative Law

Legal assistance and representation, drafting previous administrative recourses and administrative recourses against acts issued by public administration authorities;

Labour Law

Negotiating and drafting individual labour contracts;
Negotiating and drafting collective labour contracts;
Drafting requests, complaints, claims, providing legal assistance and representation;
Negotiating labour conflicts;
Drafting employers’ decisions;
Providing consultancy to patronages and syndicates;
Providing consultancy in relation to the reorganisation, restructuring and privatisation procedures;

Penal Law

Legal counselling to prevent criminal law issues;
Drafting claims for court or for prosecutor’s office;
Assistance and counselling during the criminal investigation phase;
Assistance/representation in court